Prevent (or remedy) skin dryness, linked to the use of the masks

Unfortunately, with the advent of the Covid-19 pandemic, the mask came into our lives as an accessory. A very widespread problem, caused by wearing the masks everyday, is the facial skin irritation.

The skin tends to get irritated, especially when using masks that fit perfectly the face, like ffp2 or ffp3, or poor quality masks. Often, it’s absolutely a transient disturbance that cause reddening, dryness or small cracks and that can be managed with the help of a moisturising cream to apply before wearing the mask and after removing it to keep the skin hydrated.

Surgical masks, instead, don’t seem to have this dryness’s problem because they don’t adhere perfectly to the face. But for this reason, the rubbing of the mask’s fabric on the skin, caused by a prolonged use often, leads to the appearance of small outbursts or pimples. If we have to wear the mask for a long time, the advise is to keep the skin clean and to massage, once/twice a week, with a scrub the areas most prone to mask’s pimples and reddening in order to promote circulation and oxygenation of the tissues..

But, sometimes, a good skin care isn’t enough!
And that’s here that our masks Ecomask come to the rescue; they are realised in ultra-soft fabric with an inner layer in polyamide fabric with a silver fiber that provides an high antibacterial and antistatic power. Furthermore, our filters and fabrics’ high
breathability, 100% made in Italy, and the Ecomask’s ergonomic shape allow the skin to breathe despite the physical barrier.

women face mask rainbow
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