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Set of 60 Nanofiber filters with triple layer “SMS”, certified by OEKO TEX

SMS stands for per Spunbond – Meltblown – Spunbond, as our filters are made up of:


A) An external nanofiber layer Spunbond, which gives mechanical resistance and hydrophobic property

B) An intermediate nanofiber layer Meltblown, which consists of microfibers with 1-3 micron diameter: this layer has a filtering function

C) An external nanofiber layer Spunbond which gives mechanical resistance and hydrophobic property


Lab tests carried out on our 3-layer-SMS filters have certified high filtering power, BFE >98% (higher than the filtering power required for surgical masks to be declared FFP2, which is BFE > 95%) guaranteeing high transpiration as well.


This shows that our filters have a very high filtering power, given by the intermediate nanofiber membrane Meltblown which allows the filtration of even the smallest particles and, therefore, the guarantee of excellent protection.



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