washable face mask

Why buying a washable and eco-sustainable fabric face mask?

The entire globe is forced to face the health emergency linked to the spread of the SARS-CoV-2 virus for months. In order to fight this pandemic, in addition to the recommendations given by the National Health Institutes from all countries, such as keeping the social distancing and frequently washing the hands, all the world citizens have to use a face mask, so to decreasing the droplets. In the process of selecting the most suitable type of face mask for our demands, but that at the same time, ensures a high level of protection for ourselves and for the community, there are many information and it’s not easy to make the right choice. Our project EcoMask.it originates from this demand: providing the community with a quality product, comfortable and functional, 100% made in Italy, cared in every detail: from the materials to the finishing with a special attention to the aesthetics, to the product’s durability and to the environment.

The purchase of a mask in washable fabric face mask indeed, in addition to protecting the community, help to respect the environment and reduce wastes in our planet. Despite numerous recommendations on how to dispose of disposable gloves and masks, it is sadly common to find them thrown to the ground.

The environmental impact, as well as visual, is very remarkable. The production and the disposal of health masks represent two huge problems that the entire world has to deal with, in the immediate. As explained also by the Italian Ministry of Health, face masks aren’t a recyclable product. If we think that only China produces 200 million masks per day; USA wants 3,5 billion for the next months, and Italy 130 million per month. For the major part are in polyester or propylene: highly polluting materials.

As at the end of May, the French ONG Opération Mer Propre (OMP) warned of the danger of this new threat for marine ecosystem after discovering a staggering number of disposable face masks and latex gloves in Mediterrean seabed. The Organization had pointed out that, if even 1% of masks is disposed in a wrong way, this would mean 10 million of these devices released in the environment per month. The risk is that become ubiquitous in the environment, as Joeffrey Peltier of OMP warns. “It will become the pollution of the future if nothing is done”. “We will soon run the risk of finding more masks than jellyfishes in the Mediterrean”, as Laurent Lombard of Operation Mer Propre added.

Does a washable face mask properly protect me?

Obviously the answer to this question is “it depends on the mask you buy”. There are a lot of washable fabric masks on the market but not all of them have high protection standards.
It is vital important to get informed about the materials used in the production. First of all, in order to have an idea of the final quality of the product and in second instance to get aware of eventual allergies of our skin.
Our masks are composed by:

  1. An inner layer (in contact with the face) in polyamide fabric with silver fiber that ensure an high antibacterial and antistatic power.
  2. An intermediate layer made of a replaceable anti-droplets filter composed by 3 layers in nanofiber SMS (Spunbond+Meltblown+Spunbond): the same materials used for the realisation of surgical masks and identified by the National Institute of Health. This filter is able to stop the nanoparticles, ensuring an excellent protection and an high breathability.
  3. An external layer in ultra-soft stretch fabric, that makes the product extremely comfortable and ergonomic

Choosing Ecomask, you’ll have a high quality and ergonomic product, capable of reducing the droplets.
(We remind you that the washable Ecomask are not a medical device nor a personal protective equipment. We recommend to always keep the safety distance and to carefully wash the hands before wearing the mask and after removing it.)
We suggest to use te filter up to 12 hours; once used, please properly dispose the filter, before replacing it with a new one.

Which kind of washable mask best suited me?

The face’s shape, the haircut, and obviously your own personal taste, are among variables to be considered. For women (or men) with long hair, we suggest the typical face mask with adjustable ear loops. These masks can be seen as not comfortable at first sight, because if they are too tiny and without the chance of adjusting the ear loops, they risk to stress our ears. But if you have an Ecomask, you can adjust the length of the supports as you prefer so to not fell discomfort while wearing it.

Another model of mask is the one with the adjustable support behind the neck, as our model Ecomask PRO. This kind of masks are suggested for people who prefer to have their ears free or for the ones that practice physical activities.
This kind of washable masks can be used also by girls with long hai, even if we suggest to wear your hair in a bun or in a ponytail so to not let the mask move.

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